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1. What is the difference between the Comfort, Street and Sport series? These kits differ in levels of stiffness and lowering. The Comfort series is intended for people who want to start their adventure with coilover suspension without giving up too much of the damping characteristics they had so far. The Street series is a compromise calculated by our technicians between comfort and stiffness, providing a sporty driving experience, at a level that allows for trouble-free daily use of the car. The Sport series is an uncompromising solution, aimed for people for whom the priority is the maximum lowering and wheel fitment. Our 3 series of coilover suspensions are further described on our blog.
2. Does the coilover suspension require purchasing additional parts? Our coilover suspensions are delivered ready for assembly. Any case requiring the use of a non-series component (e.g. a swaybar link) is dealt with by adding the appropriate component to the kit. If a given element is not included in the set, it means that our suspension will work with stock part.
3. Can I purchase individual components of the coilover suspension separately? Of course. On our website, after entering the “Coilover suspensions” tab, apart from individual suspension series, there is also the “Spare parts” tab, where you can buy any element of the coilover suspension.
4. Can the car be raised with the coilover suspension? The most important feature of coilover suspensions is undoubtedly the possibility of height adjustment. The range of lowering varies depending on the car model. However, even in its highest position, the coilover suspension will always be lower than the series suspension.
5. Can a car with a coilover suspension be used every day? Of course. Especially with the range of three stiffness options we offer, tailored to the needs of each user. Our goal is to eliminate the stereotype that coilover suspensions are not suitable for everyday driving. The suspension characteristics developed by us are intended to provide a pleasant driving experience on a stiffer suspension, while at the same time eliminating the inconvenience resulting from such a modification.
6. What are the advantages of mounting a coilover suspension? Mounting the coilover suspension brings a number of advantages, ranging from visual aspects to improved handling. More on this topic can be found on our blog.
7. Can I buy springs for one axle? Yes, it is possible. After selecting the car brand and model, product tabs appear on our website, including the tabs “Lowering springs – front” and “Lowering springs – rear”.
8. Is it possible to use lowering springs with a stock shock absorber? Stock shock absorbers can successfully cooperate with springs providing lowering down to -40mm. In the case of larger lowering, it is recommended to replace the shock absorbers with sport equivalents.
9. Can your shock absorbers be used with stock springs? MTS Technik shock absorbers are sports shock absorbers with a shortened working stroke. So they require the use of lowering springs.
10. What is the warranty period for your products? MTS Technik products are covered by a two-year warranty, with no mileage limit.
11. Is it possible to ship a package to my country? We offer shipping to anywhere in the world. Our parcels reach every continent within a few working days. Already at the stage of ordering, we give you the opportunity to choose the country of destination, no matter how distant it is from our headquarters in Poland.
12. Can I become your distributor? We are open to cooperate with new distributors all over the world. If you are interested in wider cooperation, please contact us via the form or by e-mail:

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