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About us

Business Foundation

Nord Performance (owner of the MTS Technik brand) relies on clear and simple Business Foundations.

1. Business Definition: What we do?

We are an engineering and production company specialized in supplying suspension and shock absorber components.

2. Strategic Mission Statement: What is our long term goal?

The company's strategic goal is to be among the three largest manufacturers of sports suspensions in the world, achieving EUR 70 million in annual sales by 2030.

3. Core Strategy: How will we achieve the goal?

Deliver customers with a reliable product that exceeds their expectations, providing a unique customer service experience.

Our Values

1. We believe in simplicity

  • The best process is no process

  • Simple communication

  • We believe in standards

2. We are constantly changing

  • We are not afraid of new solutions

  • We are constantly looking for improvements

  • We think ahead

3. We rely on facts, not opinions

  • We collect information

  • We are not driven by emotions

  • We attack problems, not people

4. We value comfort in mutual cooperation

  • We help each other

  • We trust each other

  • We don't let us divide

  • We are honest

Our story

In MTS Technik, we aim to create the widest range of reliable and affordable sports suspensions in the world.


Many years of tuning passion turned into a way of life. The beginning of the activity was undertaken under the name VenomCarZ. The distribution of broadly understood tuning parts and accessories has laid the foundation for specializing in the increasingly popular car modification industry.
A Venom company is founded. This is connected with the time with an ever increasing concentration of attention around the topic of sports car suspensions.



The decision is made to establish the own sport suspensions brand - MTS Technik. The new product skillfully fills the gap in the Polish market.
This year is a moment of very dynamic expansion of the MTS Technik product offer. There are a number of new items in the field of coilover suspensions, lowering springs, sports shock absorbers and lowering kits.



After a positive reaction on the Polish market, the first orders from abroad appear. MTS Technik products are beginning to be exported to the first foreign recipients.
Venom s.c. takes over the domain end becomes the Polish retail and wholesale distributor of Eibach products.



Expanding its portfolio with new brands, the Venom s.c. company becomes the largest sport suspensions distributor in Poland. The range consisting of offers from several producers successfully met the requirements of retail and wholesale customers.
The first business meetings in Eibach plant in Finnentrop result in a contract for the first MTS Technik coilover suspension spring manufactured by the leader in the sports car springs industry.



Positive customer feedback clearly indicated the correctness of the decision made one year earlier. The GWFE03HA spring for BMW E36 and BMW E46 paved the way with subsequent items with the Eibach and MTS Technik logo. A strategic decision is made to choose the Eibach brand as the key supplier of MTS Technik coilover suspension springs as part of private label production. An equally important breakthrough is the first steps aimed at expanding the offer with another product group – camber plates.
Constant expansion of the offer and the desire to respond as quickly as possible to people needs affect the dynamic development of construction and R&D departments. This has allowed to complete the process of creating a new set, from the idea, to the product ready for sale, within the company headquarters using the knowledge of own our engineers.



The care for the ever higher quality of MTS Technik products is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. A noticeable increase in export sales and openness to other markets are building a growing awareness of the MTS Technik brand among users throughout Europe.
The company changes its name to MTS Technik sp. z o.o. sp.k. The change was dictated by the decision to abandon the distribution of other brands products and to focus all departments on the MTS Technik own brand. In the same year, the first actions appear to obtain TÜV certification for MTS Technik as a sport suspensions manufacturer.



MTS Technik is entered in the German KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) as a sport suspensions manufacturer. The unique number given in the register is the basis for the possibility of offering the products on the most demanding German market. The debut as an exhibitor at the most important tuning fairs in this part of the world - Essen Motor Show allows local customers to familiarize themselves with the offer and quality of MTS Technik coilovers and camber plates.
The company changes its name and legal form to Nord Performance sp. z o.o.. This is also the announcement of a new premium brand that will debut in the near future. This year the largest TÜV testing campaign in our history is undertaken to certify our products. Thanks to this, a greater part of our offer becomes available to customers on the DACH markets.



The company focuses on vertical (more car models) and horizontal (more available options) expansion of the MTS Technik offer. In addition to popularizing the Comfort, Street and Sport series in coilovers, we are inaugurating a new generation of Evolution 2 camber plates.