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Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs

First step to lowering

MTS Technik lowering springs are the best answer for a common question: what is the easiest way to lower my car? The decision to buy such a set is the first step to towards improving the standard manufacturers specification.

German steel

All MTS Technik cold rolled springs are made of the highest quality chromium-silicon steel from Germany. Which is backed up by a 2-year warranty with no mileage limit.

Sporty colors

The intense red color of MTS Technik springs gives a unique marking to the product, befitting of what users like. A quality powder coated finish guarantees long-term corrosion protection.
The installation of the lowering springs reduces the space between the wheel and the wheel arch. This upgrade positively affects the harmony of the car's silhouette.

Apparent effect

Driving precision

Mounting lowering springs means not only improving the visual aspect, but also the quality of driving. Balanced (often progressive) characteristics ensure optimal handling, in most cases without the need to replace shock absorbers!

Wide range of lowering

MTS Technik springs meet various demands - both those who love subtle lowering and those who are fond of low-laying cars.